‚ÄčWinsome Witness

LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? let my lens tell your story.


Who am I, you ask?

Besides a wife, mother of 4, and photographer?

Well, I'm a creative who was born into a family full of engineers.  Which

means I've basically been in a state of identity crisis most of my life.

I love math, finance, geology, astronomy, and puzzles.  I also love

imagery, always have.  I burned through pack after pack of Polaroid film

as a kid until, one day, my parents just stopped buying it - so weird. 

I've known my best friend since I was 11 years old.  Our friendship has

survived and thrived even though we've lived in different states more often

than not.  To this day, we get together via telephone, for "Beer:30" at least

once a week.  It's the best therapy money can buy.

I'm a native of nowhere, but consider Colorado my home.  I enjoy all 4 seasons equally.  I love hiking, skiing, scuba diving, camping, fly-fishing, gardening, reading, cooking, bike-riding...I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

I believe in God and the importance of daily prayer, but I don't like to preach.  I believe in working hard and playing harder.  Everything in moderation - especially tequila, live and let live, never take yourself or others too seriously, and laughter actually is the best medicine, unless you have an infection - then antibiotics work better.  

I value quality over quantity, frugality but not stinginess, being kind even when you don't want to, and chasing your dreams - but be practical about it. 

I studied business in college, and then promptly followed my love of scuba diving across the globe to the tiny island nation of Palau.  This is where I was introduced to exceptional underwater photography, where I spent years perfecting my craft, and also where I met my husband.  

Fast forward 17 years, 4 houses, several cars and 4 babies, and I am still chasing my love of photography.  Not only through documenting my own family and the beauty around me, but also through documenting the families of others.

I absolutely love what I do.  I love getting to know the families I work with, and I work hard to make sure each family I photograph is captured creatively and beautifully.