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Such a fun and exciting time of life!  Like first birthdays,  senior year is a milestone.  Honestly, the next professional portraits will be done by the wedding photographer!   Document this time with up to THREE locations and wardrobe changes.

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*All products and digital files sold separately.

**Digital Only sessions available for $1200.  Includes TEN (10) best, fully edited images.


​EXECUTIVE PORTRAITS                                   $225

​SENIOR PORTRAITS                            $300

Perfect for those who want the full, personalized service.  As a licensed and registered professional photographer, I have access to professional labs that only provide the highest quality prints and products.  At your preview and ordering appointment, I will help guide you through selecting the images and products that best meet your needs and style.  From office desks to coffee tables to walls, there is something for everyone.

​We all love to share our photos on social media - including me!  This is why I provide a complimentary web-optimized digital file to accompany each image you purchase!

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*The average client investment is between $500-$1200 in total.

Making the decision to invest in professional portrait photography can be easy.  Choosing the right photographer can be a little more complicated.  Each photographer has their own style and level of service.  I encourage you to take the time to find the photographer whose style and service model is right for YOU.

With Winsome Witness Photography, each portrait session begins with a planning and design meeting.  Next is a fun photography day, followed by a preview and ordering appointment approximately 14 days later.  This is where you get to pick your favorites and decide how to display them in your home.  Design help is available for those who want it.  Finally, when they arrive, your prints and products will be inspected for quality and then hand delivered with care instructions.  Each selected image is carefully and artfully edited.  You only get the best, and you only buy what you want!

A LA CARTE PORTRAIT SESSION                      $150        

Perfect for those who only want a few digital files with full printing rights.  This portrait session still includes a planning and design appointment.  The best FIVE , fully edited, high resolution images are provided on a private online gallery where they can be downloaded to use as you please.

​*Images are not archived and will be deleted after 30 days.

DIGITAL ONLY                         $550

​SIGNATURE PORTRAITS                            $450                        

Timeless, classic, whimsical, imaginative portraits that celebrate childhood.  Each image is creative, artistic and unique.  

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In business, your picture is usually your first impression.  Therefore, a professional quality portrait is a must!  Look your best, stand out from the masses with clear and defined online personal branding.  Session includes both studio style and on location images, THREE high resolution images and web-optimized copies uploaded to a private online gallery.

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