​Every place and every person has inherent beauty.  I capture the world around me, both immediate and faraway, in a way that dives into that beauty and presents it with honesty and vitality.


"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures."

​               ~Henry Ward Beecher



​Winsome Witness Photography

First and foremost I am, and will always be, a wife to my husband and a mother to our four amazing children.  Beyond that, I am a wanderer; a seeker of adventure and new experiences.  When traveling, I'm always more drawn to the people and their culture, and prefer to explore off the beaten touristic path.  Perhaps because it's the imperfections and idiosyncrasies that fascinate me most.  They make me feel grounded in faraway places and provide a global connectivity.  At the core of it all, we are all human; and humans, when their guard is down and their souls are exposed, are incredibly beautiful - every single one.

with Janice Stevens